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Town Mouse or Country Mouse?

February 8, 2007

Hand_pumpChers Amis,

There is nothing like doing without  something like running water to make you appreciate the pleasures of modern conveniences.  Par contre, there is nothing like progress born of a bulldozer to make you appreciate the quiet joy of being set off from true suburbia in an aging moulin, however in need of renovation and a full time landscaper. Development,mes amis,  the cancer of rural America, is encroaching on us and ca m’agace! 😦

Oui, a developer is constructing a new subdivision de luxe across from our 1970’s neighborhood and on  Monday the utilities company cut off our water for the day while they extended the water main to the new home sites.  Big sigh. I know progress is inevitable, but our little coin has changed so much in the last 11 years. ( Am I whining or musing? I am trying to muse.)  When I first drove out to see this deck/hot tub w/house my dh had fallen in love with, the nearby corners were still pastures with barns and horses and there was not a McD’s to be found. I was honestly afraid that my husband was dragging me into the "Deliverance" Zone of rickety mobile homes with Confederate Flags for curtains. (I hope I am not offending anyone!).  There was one new subdivision (excellent for trick or treating) that backed up to our property, but when the trees leafed out, the fancy homes disappeared behind a lush
curtain of green.

Fast forward 11 years  New HUGE houses are being crowded built on a large parcel (10 acres) of now clear cut woodland that lies kitty corner to our street.   It makes my heart sad. Red Georgia clay bleeds when it rains and our verdant, peaceful oasis is shrinking, gobbled up by tennis courts, swimming pools,  manicured lawns, and  HOA police.   Green Acres no more!  Helas.  The good news is that property values have grown and we are 5-7 min from a great library, YMCA, grocery store, and every big box retailer you could want – or not.   It it still green around the house and come spring, the forest curtain will unroll with the leaves and block out much of the clamor, but  time and progress keep marching on.  Sometimes it makes me a little triste to see acre after acre of bare red clay and my husband keeps eying the ancient mountains of North Georgia and the Carolinas lovingly. But would we like that better?  Running water yes, but a long trek down the mountain to the Depot? What about our roots in Ga.?  Last weekend, dh took the girls to the symphony and he went downtown to a professional hockey game just last nite. I don’t know if I am a town mouse or a country mouse.  Just a moulin mouse I guess. Could I just get rid of the bulldozers for a while? Mais,non. C’est impossible. Helas!  Big sigh.

— Marjorie   

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