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In Real Life

February 1, 2007

Chers Amis,

Do you ever feel like the Internet is a parallel universe?  It’s not.   I have proof.  Monday night,  IRL (in real life) and the internet intersected at a party!   I finally got to meet Tracy of One More Tracy and it was so much fun!  We met at the 4Real learning forum and found we were both in the Atlanta metro area (it is HUGE!).  We wanted to get together, but schedules, travel time, weather, real life etc. didn’t help.  Then I realized that I recognized her e-mail from another church group – not homeschooling.  Could it be the same Tracy?  Just maybe?  Yes!  Best of all, we were both invited to a wonderful party Monday nite.  It was so much fun to sit and talk without hitting "send" or "post".  We were bubbling about it.  I think everyone else thought we were crazy.  We didn’t care.  We had proof the Internet is not a parallel universe. 

— Marjorie

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  1. February 1, 2007 11:37 am

    You know, this story is such a witness to the strength and the serendipitous beauty of our on-line friendships. I LOVE reading about these get-togethers.

    Good for you.

    Good for Tracy.

    And good for the good ol’ Internet!

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