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Life on hold – Painting

January 28, 2007

0_beware_wet_paintChers Amis,

No, I have not dropped of the face of the earth or forgotten how to type, but life is on hold.  Painting alert.  For those of you with football-loving husbands this is not news to you, the official football season is over. (Play Taps now). Last Sunday was the last of the playoffs and next weekend is the umpteenth Super Bowl.  No football will be played today so, it is the start of Home Improvement Season.  Painting is first on the schedule.  Master Bedroom vrs. Light Pebble Flat (I think. I always get these match ups wrong. Maybe thats why our dining room is so — salmon. Ugg.)  Yesterday, (when I planned to catch up on writing/reading) was mandatory practice – moving all furniture away from wall, taking bed apart and scattering linens throughout upstairs, installing mattress in girls’ room as trampoline (Dad), spending all available time repeating the mantra, "Stop jumping, someone will go through those NEW windows,"  (Mom). Don’t forget,  vacuuming 11 years of dust bunnies from under said bed and  its 1930’s steel open frame box spring before hoisting box spring down a flight of stairs to deck for in-depth leaf blower treatment. Oh, yeah, Spackle, scrub, sand, and tape. Repeat.  Today is Wet Paint Day.  Get  out your rollers and drop cloths.  Forget about writing. It’s  Home Improvement Season, ladies.  Talk to you later when the paint dries.

— Marjorie

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  1. January 28, 2007 4:12 pm

    Marjorie, this made me laugh. I just got paint chips at Lowe’s today for the kitchen, and you could see the fear in my husband’s eyes. “But I thought we were just going to paint that wall white again before we put the shelves up. LOL — he ought to know by now!!

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