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What Classic Heroine Are You?

January 23, 2007

Maid Marian

Beautiful and strong-willed, Lady Marian Fitzwalter is the lady love of the dashing outlaw, Robin Hood. She is skilled with a bow, but can match the manners of any lady of the Queen. She waits earnestly for the day when King Richard will return and wed her to Robin.
Which Classic Heroine are You?

HT: Angel

Edward HUGHES, English 1851 – 1914, The princess out of school, c. 1901

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  1. January 24, 2007 1:27 pm

    Well I am Lizzie Bennett, but I LOVE your painting. Also Marjorie, I ahev been meaning to tell you that the day after your post on the cedar waxwings, which I had never seen (noticed?) before, we saw a huge flock of them at Publix! They were feasting on some juniper berries in one of the islands in the parking lot. We sat in the car and watched htem for 15 min or so. We were able to observe them so closely. They are such facinating little birds. Thanks for you post and for clueing me in on them. I might never have noticed them before.

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