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Do you Google Notebook?

January 9, 2007

Chers Amis,

Last January we finally got DSL access au moulin. (Pipe in the Alleluia chorus from Handel’s Messiah)  What a difference some real speed makes!  Try going back to dial-up for a few weeks when, say, lightning hits your modem,  and you will truly appreciate the speed. Once it didn’t take 5 min to load a page, I started using the Internet constantly, especially to research ideas for school.  My best tools to manage my gleanings:  book-marking favorites, a Word document, and the save/print method. No more!  Recently I discovered Google Notebook.  My apologies to the 95% of you who already know about this function, but I LOVE it and there has to be someone out there who hasn’t discovered it yet – and should!

Google Notebook is a add-on from Google that allows you to save links, photos, text, etc. to custom notebooks while surfing with an easy right-click from your mouse.  You can also add notes or commentary, bold, use color to mark important sections, and make separate notebook dividers. A small icon of a notebook and the words "open notebook" are always at the bottom of  your window waiting to be used and always on your right-click.  You don’t have to stop, open the program from your Start button.   

Here are some of the notebooks I have:

  Adventures in Science contains a selection of links to sites with experiments, info on Archimedes, photos of simple machines, lists of suggested materials to have on hand for experiments, lists of suggested resources.  Now I can go back and divide the NB by simple machines i.e. levers, wheel/axle, screws if useful or maybe by books, experiments, links.  I can make notes about my selections, comment on them and even make a notebook "public" so others can see it.  This will be great with Adventures in Science as my co-conspirator co-teacher, Dr. P, can read through the resources and add to it as well.

I also have one for Book Club – divided by titles of our upcoming books, holding links to suggested activities, sites, vocabulary lists etc.  I can also write my own ideas there or share it with my book club.

Homeschooling in general by course, Books of interest – I can clip reviews or suggestions from forums etc. DH – hot tub, Marjorie -hobbies.  I will be adding one for liturgical year ideas/faith

This is a fantastic tool for lesson planning, gathering information and ideas for unit studies, managing data on any topic you can find on the web.  Check out the site as I am sure there are many more features I haven’t discovered yet.   Happy Clipping and Clicking!

— Marjorie

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  1. courtney permalink
    January 9, 2007 3:08 pm

    Never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing this great resource! I’ll soon be trying it!

  2. January 9, 2007 6:09 pm

    I have not heard of it either. That sounds wonderful. So much of what we do comes from links. Thank you!! And I’m so with you on DSL connection.

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