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Fun with Thank You’s

January 2, 2007

Chers Amis,

I am sure that many of my family and friends giggled, or at least puzzled, over my choice of blog name as I am a terrible letter writer.  I have boxes of letters, written, but never sent.  Maybe it is the long walk to the mailbox (1 min.), the high cost of postage, or  fear of the postman?  I actually – stop the presses – sent some (not many) Christmas Cards and a Christmas letter this year.  The next logical step – thank you notes. 

I try to have the kids write thank you notes every year, but sometimes they disappear,get lost in my desk, or are not finished.   This year we have tried something new that is easy if you have a scanner or color printer.
Each child designed their own card images that I scanned in the computer.  In Word, I inserted the pictures and  enlarged or shrunk them to fit on a piece of landscape card stock as a basic template.  The kids then either typed or narrated their letter as a text box.  Using the text box we could move the msg around easily. They enjoyed drawing their own cover art and choosing different fonts and colors for each card.  We still have to put them in envelopes, stamp them and actually get them in the mailbox.  That will be the hard part! Wish me luck.


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